We will be our DYNO at ASAA Racing. They have provided numerous Dyno sheets to many in the Houston Car Community. They have done 3000GT/Stealth for various members from AWD to FWD.  Want to know how much your car is pulling then step up and lets see it at ASAA Racing!


Spots are limited so get it while they Last! 


  • Be sure to add your registration, extra shirts, etc. prior to checking out to make it easier for me when sorting y'alls stuff. :)
    Keep in mind that Import Face Off is not Officially affiliated with TX3S and you will need to purchase your event ticket directly through them.

  • Dyno prepays may not be refundable. We have a Maximum of 6 spots for ASAA RACING.

    If you pay after we reach our Maximum available spots, we will refund you the amount after the event.